Michael Landau: Abstract Logix interview

Michael Landau Interview (#126) 2010-05-30 Richard Murray

AL: Speaking of the blues, another recent release you were involved with is Kirk Fletcher's new album, My Turn which you co-produced with Gary Novak. What can you tell me about that album?

ML: My whole thing is getting the sounds people want and creating a loose environment for them to play in. I became friends with Kirk a few years ago and we've always talked about recording at the house. He wanted to do something different from his last records and the timing was right so I set up some mics and he threw down as only Kirk Fletcher can! He wanted to do a more musically open, not as straight ahead a record as he's done in the past, and he also wanted to sing a little which we all encouraged him to do. We had a great time making it. more: http://abstractlogix.com/interview_view.php?idno=126