New: Musicians behind ‘Game of Thrones’ present Institute masterclass

On Tuesday 20th March, the Institute will welcome pioneering Sheffield electronic band ‘In The Nursery (ITN)’ to lead a live film soundtracking masterclass at the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn. The masterclass will be followed by a live performance to accompany a screening of the silent classic film ‘Man With A Movie Camera’. This event is presented in conjunction with London’s Tricycle Theatre and Sensoria, the UK's leading festival of music, film and digital.
ITN (twin brothers Nigel & Klive Humberstone), will give an insight into their career as musicians and the development of their Optical Music Series. The duo, whose musical history covers the past 30 years, have constantly expressed their desire for progress and experimentation and they are renowned for their live events and accompanying classic silent films with electronic scores. Their music has featured in Interview with the Vampire, Streetfighter II, The Rainmaker, The Aviator and Gran Torino, and more recently in trailer and ‘making of’ scenes of upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones.
In the late ‘90s the band was commissioned, as part of their Optical Music Series, to provide new scores for the silent classics The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Asphalt, and Man with a Movie Camera. The screening, taken from this series, will see one of the most extraordinary pieces of progressive film-making by director Vertov, accompanied by the distinctive live sounds of ITN’s syncopated and alluring soundtrack. Following the event, students from the Institute will be able to compose their own scores for the same film, to be performed in London.
The masterclass and screening are free to Institute students, but also open to the public. Masterclass tickets are £5 available from the Institute (0207 328 0222), and screening tickets are available from the Tricycle Box office on 020 7328 1000, or online at

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