News: Diago Gear Competition

Diago Gear Competition

If you haven't yet come across Diago, then you are missing a trick! They make some really great products including pedalboards, power stations and an incredible compact guitar amp head called the 'Little Smasher'! And we can completely vouch that their products are great as we use them!! The range of pedal boards are quite literally built to last with their hardcase type design. Plus, they are extremely lightweight meaning you won't be breaking your back transporting all of your pedals from gig to gig.
So we have hooked up with Diago to put a competition together that will run throughout the rest of march. One lucky winner can win all of this great gear:
1 x Diago Showman Pedal Board
1 x Diago Powerstation - Effects Pedal Power Supply
1 x each of PS02, PS03, PS04, PS05, PS06, PS-7, PS-8, PS09, PS11 Pedal Power Adaptors
This is over £300 worth of gear!!
And all you have to do for automatic entry to win all of this gear is purchase any single compilation package from us in March! So if you have been looking around and wondering what to get next, then check out all 8 compilation packages available and grab yourself a chance to win some tasty gear in the process. This competition is open to customers from all over the world and the winner will be announced in April.
So what are you waiting for?!