Oziel Zinho: signature guitar in the works.

I understand from my good friend Oziel Zinho that he has a new deal with pedal manufacturer NIG and is currently working with his Sponsor on a Signature guitar.

Workshop no Stand da NIG Music apresentando o pedal XD1

New! DVD - Arpeggios (in Portuguese)
Video Lecture on DVD, the secrets and techniques to develop an arpeggio at high speed with cleaning and setting.
In this video lesson (60 minutes) Ozielzinho shows the secrets and techniques to develop an arpeggio at high speed with cleaning and setting, learn the most commonly used shapes and play:

Procedure for buying
Deposit of $ 40.00 (forty reals with free shipping) on the following data:
AG: X-2953
CC: 32332-2 (Bank of Brazil)
After sending the photo of the deposit receipt to ozielzinho@gmail.com with subject VIDEO LECTURE - arpeggios stating your full name and address (do not forget the zip code)
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Oziel Zinho and Laurie Monk
Born of a family of musicians, Ozielzinho had his first contact with music at age 9 and over the internet has gained national and international recognition coming to be a finalist in the worldwide competition for guitarists in England, GUITAR IDOL, was also the best guitarist of the year 2006 by Reader's Digest.
He has played alongside big names in national and Kiko Loureiro guitar, Frank Solari, Joe Moghrabi, Sydnei Carvalho and Marcelo Barbosa. In interview on Stay Heavy guitarist Rafael Bittencourt, Angra band, praised the musical talent of the artist.

Currently Ozielzinho conducts workshops throughout Brazil, is the band's guitarist The ALTAR and is endorser of CONDOR guitars and acoustic guitars, strings and pedals NIG, EMG pickups, Gotoh bridge and Orange amps.