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Tony Bellardi,
We are the little-known guitarists and bassists throughout Italy, among which nestle pure and unspoiled talent, rising stars and stars that have already been born and are now shining thanks to the support received over the years through our community, many professionals and help us support has always asking nothing in return, fans and mere observers who met all of what at first, back in 2002 began as ...

For those still unfamiliar with the story, I'll try to summarize the most singular and speaking briefly in introducing me, are guitarist Tony Bellardi Imperiese fact that in 2002 had the happy idea of ​​taking the domain mentioned a moment ago and quickly be able to include all of Italy six and four strings. In 2006, then came a SRL Roman of good people, the mythical NRG30 with which he began a collaboration which lasted until 2011 for various reasons did not yield the desired results.

So today, in 2012 we are ready to go with the momentum that was the original staff of technicians and again in complete and total autonomy, without being subject to the business logic and dictates that just suit the way we operate, we are open to all and everything from us the link is not "spam" is mandatory, there are no competitors or rivals of which omit name, material or content.

The intention now is to make already operational community taking advantage of the technologies available today, in the limit of available resources provided free of charge by Tony Bellardi with the help of anyone who wants to collaborate, in this case the platform on which you can make is WordPress which will Call right now to take a look, there are many online videos and tutorials illustrating the use of this powerful platform, even and especially if you are going to actively work .

So welcome everyone and let's get inside, we're back on track!

If you are here it is clear we are now on . org , then sprinkle the verb Guitarists . org
is re-born, Stay Tuned Very.

An introduction in Italian

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