Alex Skolnick: Music Legends interview

Alex Skolnick http://musiclegends.caJason Saulnier interviews Alex Skolnick guitarist for Testament April 3, 2012
Alex Skolnick talks about playing with the Alex Skolnick Trio.
New Testament album coming out.
Dungeon Works Productions & Evenko Presents: Alex Skolnick To Guest Judge Heavy MTL BOTB - April 11 - Montreal
How Alex judges bands. The honesty in judging.
We talk about the guitar work on the next Testament album.

Alex Skolnick is an American jazz and metal guitarist. He was a member of the San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Testament from 1983 until his departure in 1993. He returned briefly to re-record some old material for the band's First Strike is Still Deadly release, as well as the "Thrash of the Titans" all-star performance in 2001, before returning full-time four years later.

Alex Skolnick Interview Testament