Andy Timmons,Ae Wizard: meeting your idol

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3 days. 22-24 Mar.
It's first time my son Boogie met uncle Andy. Uncle ANDY sang some ' BOOGIE ' song for little Boogie . we talked music , Andy signed on my guitar / my Strawberry Andy BB Preamp / my Mesa Lonestar footswitch & other stuff.
Andy played my '99 AT-100 and let me played his '94 AT-100, I played 'Deliver Us' from his 'Resolution' cd for the intro, then Andy stopped me and turned on the backing-track and let me played again from the start. I played half of song and throw the guitar to him, he played till the end. Andy enjoyed so much and said...AE Timmons everything is in his smile...such a great great honor to play music with him again . thanks to ANDY & after that he said he feld njoy to play guitar and asked if there any song we wanted to hear. So...we set up a private guitar show and jam session. So cool...In third day, we took Andy go on tour Bangkok a bit.
U will love my story like me & V hope u will njoy the show !
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thanks to Andy Timmons, Marlen Landin, KOI & Boogie Wizard
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Andy Timmons w/ Ae Wizard in 2nd meeting (22-24 Mar) such a great honor