Danny Gill: jam with Joe Bonamassa lessons

Lick Library’s Jam With Joe Bonamassa shows you how to get that unique mix of seventies hard rock and British pure electric blues rock with a double DVD set of guitar lessons.

The track lessons are by Danny Gill, former Joe Satriani pupil and teacher at MI Hollywood. Jam With Joe Bonamassa (£27.99) breaks down the classic blues-rock of Bridge To Better Days and Joe’s interpretation of the Led Zeppelin track Tea For One. Danny than takes a look at the upbeat electric rave up that is Sloe Gin, the hard rocking Story Of A Quarryman and sparklingly vibrant guitar notes of The Ballard Of Joe Henry with its zepplinesque rhythm. The last two tracks are more recent covers of Bobby Parker’s Steal Your Heart Away with a solo to make you weep and Jeff Beck’s Spanish Boots, which Joe Bonamassa has transformed with his excellent arrangement skills.

If you want to learn more about playing in the style of Joe Bonamassa, check out the Quick Licks Joe Bonamassa DVD, which is full of up-tempo blues riffs in the key of G. Both of these DVDs are available http://www.licklibrary.com/store/danny-gill/26654/jam-with-joe-bonamassa