Derryl Gabel: Mastering Chords and Harmony example

This is just a reminder about my new DVD, Mastering Chords and Harmony, which is now available.  I've uploaded a new clip for you to check out down below.
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This DVD will replace Chordal Mysteries Revealed. This new version with a new title has received an extreme makeover!  I meticulously went through the material and made it easier to follow along and understand.  I re formatted all the transcription files and made neck diagrams for each example!  Other upgrades include the video being an hour longer, more chords, examples, and practice tips, filmed in HD, superior audio quality, on screen neck diagrams of the examples, and more! Look down below to get more details and order your copy today!
Mastering Chords and Harmony DVD
Mastering Chords and Harmony DVD
In this two hour dual layer DVD I reveal the system I use for mastering chords of every kind and learning them all over the neck. I cover everything from simple triads to the most complex altered 13th chords. I guarantee that if you follow this simple, easy to understand approach, you too will be a chord master, gain a massive chord vocabulary, and create new and interesting chord voicings. You will be able to play any chord that you encounter in chord charts and variations of it all over the guitar. Have you ever been stumped when trying to understand chord voicings by players such as Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson? Have you been bewildered when you come across slash chords? How about only knowing a few ways to play a given chord? Gone are those days! Upon completing my course you will have a thorough understanding of chords and chordal harmony. I also share with you how to create chord scales and substitutions which will spice up your comping and progressions. Additionally, I explain the scalular origin of each chord which will help you to know which scales to use when soloing over these chords. If you have trouble knowing what scales to play over sus chords, slash chords, altered dominant chords, any chords, don't worry, I got you covered.
I conclude the video with an original composition entitled "Images".  All the chords are displayed on screen as I play.  Learning this tune is like having a master class in substitutions alone.
This is a must have for any serious guitarist no matter what style of playing. Over 200 examples and on screen fretboard diagrams are provided as well as Power Tab and PDF transcription files. Pick up your copy today and begin your journey in mastering chords and harmony!   

Chapters include...
1. Introduction
2. The Major Triad
3. Doubling
4. The Suspended Triad
5. The Lydian Triad
6. The Minor Triad
7.  The Add4 Triad
8. The Diminished Triad
9. The Augmented Triad
10. Triadic Chord Scale
11. Open Voicings
12. Major 7 Drop 2
13. Major 7 Drop 3
14. Open Seventh  Voicings
15. Major 7 Chord Types
16. Dominant 7 Chord Types
17. Minor 7 Chord Types
18. Experimenting
19. 7th Chord Scale
20. 9th Chords
21. 11th Chords
22. 13th Chords
23. Performance ("Images")  

All examples are transcribed in the Power Tab and PDF format which are included on the DVD as well as over 200 neck diagrams.

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