Feodor Dosumov: 'Angry Joe' at Jam Track Central

Incredible New Talent At JTC Every now and then you hear a guitar player that makes you stop what you are doing and take immediate notice. From then on you are completely lost in watching them play. This is exactly what happened when we were first introduced to Feodor Dosumov. Then, when he sent us the video for his debut jam track with us, entitled 'Angry Joe' we entered a state of shock! We knew that Feodor was a great player, but this performance (as well as another, soon to be released) was something else. This was special. Feodor has a very unique style and his sense of phrasing is quite simply incredible. Mix that with superb song writing skills and it is safe to say that he oozes talent in abundance.
Already a household name in his native Russia, we think that this track has the potential to make Feodor a hugely talked about guitarist for years to come.
As for the jam track....well, where do we start. Quite simply put, we think you need this jam track package in your life. For just £4.99 it is worth every single penny! http://www.jamtrackcentral.com/jamtracks/guitar-artist/angry-joe/

Feodor Dosumov - 'Angry Joe' at Jam Track Central