Fred Brum: Guitar Candy - S7G Solar 7 - Flying Adventure Bus

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I went to Belgium for the launch of Ola Englund's signature model from Strictly 7 Guitars, the Solar, of which you see the very first white one here. It has a 27,5" scale, OFR trem and Duncan Distortion pickups. It also has 26-frets, should you be wondering. :) The laptop's brainfart and a couple mistakes from me are not the guitar's fault. :P
The event was held at Guitar Candy, a fantastic little shop with excellent gear, owned by my friend Bart, who made sure Ola and I felt welcome at all times.
This track is Flying Adventure Bus, off my album Atonement, and I used the Kemper straight to the PA here (I did use the Invader later on as a power amp for the Kemper, through the monitor out).

Guitar wise I also used one of my Jaden Rose JHM 7's and my new Blackat Leon 8 (NGD vid soon) alongside the white Solar 7 throughout the showcases.
I hope you enjoy the vid! :)

Fred Brum @Guitar Candy - Flying Adventure Bus - S7G Solar 7