Fred Brum: Vortex - AMT Legend 2

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)
I met the super kind people from AMT Electronics at the Musikmesse this year, I brought back a few of their rather awesome Legend 2 range of pedals, which I was most eager to try out after being a fan of the first Legend series.

This demo features the D2, E2 and P2 high gain pedals, using a Strictly 7 Drive pedal as a boost when required (TS808 style), going straight into a Presonus Audiobox 22VSL (many thanks to the guys at Presonus for lending me the Firestudio Mobile at the Messe after having an Apogee die on me again), so they are in fact providing the amp and cab sounds. Delay / Reverb was added in post production.
Guitar used here is a Decibel Guitars AMX, fitted with my typical combo of DiMarzio TZ7 bridge and AN7 neck pickups.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Fred Brum - AMT Legend 2 Playthrough - Vortex

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