Irene Ketikidi: Back N Black guitarist gets interviewed by Shreddelicious

Irene Ketikidi just back from a tour with All girl band Back N Black is the first official interview for the new All girl guitar web site

[Shreddelicious]  What made you decide to take guitar seriously?
[Irene Ketikidi] There were a few things really. Obviously, I was inspired by Jennifer Batten and Carina Alfie, these two were the only female players I really looked up to. I was also inspired by my guitar teacher in Athens, Theodore Ziras, who was very successful and was one of the first Greek guitarists to release an instrumental album. And to be honest, Greece isn’t really the place where you can play a lot of rock/metal gigs, so I always wanted to get out and play more. In 2007, I got accepted at the Guitar Institute in London and this to me proved to be the best way to learn and at the same time play with great musicians.

The full in depth interview continues: