Jack Thammarat: 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' Promo

Jack Thammarat, the king of melodic guitar, has returned with a brand new jam track series that includes five beautifully crafted tracks. There is a reason why Jack has over 10,000,000 views on his YouTube channel alone, and that is because not only is he a fabulous player but he has the ability to take you on a wonderful journey with his tracks. And he has absolutely done that over the five tracks that we sent him, which were created by one of our backing track maestros Paul Harvey.
With this package, entitled 'Melodic Freeway Series 1', learning Jack's solos will really help you master the art of playing well constructed solos over melodic tracks. But as always we have added the extended jam tracks for you to get creative and construct your own solos or improvisations too. The package also comes with the full length videos of Jack's performances as well as complete TAB in PDF and Powertab format.

This package is sure to be one of the biggest releases of this year, so don't hold back and grab your copy now!

Jack Thammarat 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' Promo