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Guitar on Sky: People talk about you a lot. If there’s a guitar stuff going on somewhere people are likely to mention your name. Did you think you would become popular, Is that something you thought might happen?

Laurie Monk: I guess I’m not really aware of that. I certainly did not set out to become popular. Maybe when I meet up with guitar players... they know I do a crazy amount of guitar blogging, so I do appreciate any comments or thanks that they give. The overall aim is publicity for the guitar player, but I guess now, the more you blog the more likely it is that you will be noticed. My blog posts are nothing though with out the guitar players. Even if it only sells one CD for a guitar player then it has achieved something. So if I’m popular that must mean I’m doing something right... I hope :).

Also, I’m not normally the sort of guy who is out to seek attention, I’m normally more the sort of guy who is in the background, so it can feel a little strange if someone comes up to you and says hello because of the work that you do. However, that strangeness is far outweighed by the camaraderie that you feel around guitar fans and players, it’s like an international club. There are fans and players from all over the world and the Internet has just made the Earth much smaller along with the ability to communicate and work with people across time zones.

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  1. Really enjoy and appreciate your work. Any info/news on the young woman from Paris...Juliette Valduriez? Had to travel there on business recently and no one from within the music scene ever heard of her?

    Thanks again! Tom


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