Mateus Starling: 12 playalongs, 2 hours of classroom video
This new material deals with the language and phrasing to play chords on fusion, but using playbacks of fusion and other styles to show how the language of fusion can work well in styles such as rock, funk , Blues and so on. All playbacks are original and exclusive made ​​especially for this class. The whole process of playing chords on playalongs was also filmed for reference to the student. The package comes with: 2 hours video lecture on the fusion phrasing and chords for accompaniment, 12 playalongs unprecedented in grooves of funk, fusion, jazz, rock and so on. 2 handouts fusion with 40 sheets (pdf) This material is being sold on my site for 140 reais, but friends who've previously bought any of my video classes pay only 120 dollars. You can buy the card partial credit and up to 12x or via deposit or DOC. I'm sure you will be surprised with this material, playalongs challenging and quality. God bless you all. 2 hours of video lessons, 12 playalongs book and fusion. new material and unique.

Pacote Fusion - Apostila, 12 playalongs, 2 hours of classroom video