News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Sidejack VI

Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Sidejack VI
The new Eastwood Sidejack VI 30” six-string bass guitar is inspired by the popular Fender Bass VI from the sixties – and in true Eastwood style this model is totally retro-cool.

Eastwood’s Sidejack VI is the newest member of the Sidejack family and its carved bound Mosrite style body with set 30” scale neck makes this six-string bass totally guitarist friendly. Six-string bass guitars are tuned E-E, a full octave below a standard guitar. Most competitors in this category are stop tail with humbuckers. The Sidejack Bass VI is unique amongst its piers featuring a tremolo tail and P-90 pickups, giving the player a more versatile tonal range that steps out of the mix, suitable for solo and rhythm playing. Available in Vintage Cream and Metallic Blue.
“The Bass VI has always had a large following and we have been planning the Eastwood Sidejack VI for years" said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, "and it was worth the wait, this puppy is bang on and the whammy bar makes it that much more fun to play. So if you’re planning on coming to the Dallas Guitar Show in April drop by our booth to check it out.”
The Eastwood Sidejack VI is available now, to find your closest dealer visit

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