News: Got Djent - record labels, what's the deal?

Editorial: record labels, what's the deal?

Here's an overview of some dos & don'ts for approaching a label:

Give as much information about your band as possible.
Give details on your touring history.
Give details on previous releases and units sold.
Provide a detailed electronic press kit.
Give links to all social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Don't just attach MP3 files to an email; instead, use a service like Dropbox.
Don't send your album to a label after it has been released.
Don't pester the label for a reply. If it is something they are interested in, they will take time to think it over and seriously consider it. If they want to work with you, they'll be in touch.
As mentioned earlier, don't write a single sentence e-mail with no information at all other than "Please check us out".
Don't send material that's unfinished - if you want to impress labels, give them the final product.

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