Nili Brosh: Guitar On Sky interview

Kamil Kowalski -- TMac tour photos
You joined Tony MacAlpine Band. How would you express your feeling playing with a monster like Tony?

-I love it! Tony is like family to me, and has been fantastic to me since the day I met him. I’m especially grateful to Tony because he found me at a time when only a few people knew my name, and trusted me enough to offer me a gig. I can’t thank him enough for trusting me with his music. Like any important gig, it was stressful at first, but we spent so much time together in such a short period of time that I was able to get very comfortable. I worked very hard on his music because I knew it was going to take a good amount of effort to do justice to it. I have learned so much just from watching Tony do what he does on stage every night, and how he handles everything with so much professionalism. I can’t wait to get back on the road with him!

What’s your plan now?
-I am working on another solo record which will feature some great, well-known players. I expect the process to still take a while, though. There are also plans to go back on tour with Tony soon.

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