Stéphan Forté: Shadows Compendium promo

To mark the release of her debut solo album "The Shadows Compendium" Stéphan Forté makes us the friendship of his presence on the challenges of Guitar Live. Program from a playback of the song From a guitar and Praestegiis Demonum Lâg to win. Through The Black Box of musician you can win this challenge at the end of a guitar Lag Arkane 200 AK worth 499 euros. The good news is that anyone can win because it's a random drawing among the participants who will appoint the lucky winner of this exceptional lot. link the challenge http://www.guitare- / guitar, 1795.html The link of the black box: The site Stéphan Forté and Adagio:

Stéphan Forté Challenge Contest / GAL