Timmo Tolkki: Pledge Music Double solo album at 74%

Be a part of my NEW DOUBLE SOLO ALBUM! Pledge for amazing exclusives/updates not available anywhere else!  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/timotolkki

Change in the music industry and the new ways of releasing quality music are here to stay. After hearing about PledgeMusic, I got really excited! Finally something new and fresh where the artist can be in direct interaction with the fans without any compromises. I want to make music for the people that understand me and my vision. This is my spirit and my mission. Music is waves. Music is energy. It is Universal Language that all humans understand. And music is the reason why I exist.

I have been composing stuff well over a year without knowing what it will become or will it ever be released. The name “Classical Variations” does justice for this double album. I also added the word “Credo”. It means “to believe in something”. And I truly believe this album is the most important and interesting of my entire career.

The album is divided in 2 discs that also have a name. Disc 1 is called “LYRA” and Disc 2 “VEGA”. There will be guest musicians. I want the collective spirit. Those will be announced in the updates later as the project moves along. So far I can announce that Tuomo Lassila (the founder of Stratovarius) will play the drums. For the vocals, I will do some singing. Also Mike Vescera (Yngwie) and Michele Luppi (Vision Divine) will be singing. And I am proud to announce that MICHAEL KISKE (Unisonic,Helloween) will be joining me for this project. Still more guests coming. Stay tuned for the Pledge updates with more info.

I need YOUR help in this. I cannot do this without you. All the funds generated by the pledges will go to recording, mixing and manufacturing costs of the products.

I’ve created a list of exclusives over there on the right →…the album download, incredibly cool Deluxe Boxes, Skype Guitar Lessons and even MY GUITAR! I’ve put a great deal of thought into these, so I hope you see something there that truly excites you! None of these items will ever be available anywhere else. Just here at PledgeMusic.

Word of mouth is so so important in terms of making this work, so please share this page with your friends, family, colleagues – let’s make sure EVERYONE knows about this. And please share the project link on Facebook and Twitter:www.pledgemusic.com/projects/timotolkki

Every pledge, whatever the price, gets access to my exclusive updates…expect new music, video blogs from production and other goodies..even few songs not available on the album.

I am asking for your help so I can make this album exclusively for you. I cannot do this without your help. I pray that the love of music and your understanding of my commitment to be totally independent brings fruition to this album that will be very special.- Sincerely, Timo