Jack Thammarat,Conrad Schrenk,Laurie Monk: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (Guitaronsky.com)

Edwin Mclean from Guitaronsky.com has a great new competition for you to enter with some great judges (if I say so my self :) )..

How to enter:
1. Download the backing track as the platform of playing
2. Start to produce and record a soloing video (also note that shredding is not everything, consider that the harmonic composition is more valuable)
3. Upload your live performance video on Youtube (full appearance)
4. Join the guitaronsky facebook page

5. Send the video response here below.
Also note that I only approve the video response after you liked the guitaronsky facebook page
6. Share the Youtube video and get the like thumbs as many as you can (videos views won't count, and dislikes have no impact on the counting process)
7. Submission is allowed until 25th June 2012 (GMT-7)

8. There will be Three Videos only at the final

9. Announcement will be published on 28th June 2012
10. The winners should send the data details for the shipping stuffs max. 2 days after the winner announcement is being released
11. Visit guitaronsky.com regularly for the updated info and news of Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
The Jury:
Conrad Schrenk
Jack Thammarat
Laurie Monk
Edwin Mclean
Artec Twin Head Guitar Effect
Runner Up
Ponco Satrio Album CD's and Guitaronsky Custom Picks
Third Place
Guitar Lesson Compilation DVD's and Guitaronsky Custom Picks
Download the backing track here: http://www.box.com/s/2ff120b17b560cf8ec7d
Find more updates about this competition here: http://www.guitaronsky.com/
And don't forget to join guitaronsky facebook page here:

post responses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRsZmloFnwM


Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (Guitaronsky.com)