Keith Merrow: Metal Rhythm
This is like the "Nyancat" of guitar videos. Haha, sorry for the repetition. I'm just trying to give the most solid comparison that I can. Using the same guitar, same amp tone, same mix and eq, and same riffs, are the only way to do this accurately, IMO. All of these pickups would most likely sound great if I were to dial in the amp, according to how the pickup reacts to the guitar. But, for the sake of consistency, the amp settings are exactly the same on every clip so you can hear the tonal variations between them IN THIS GUITAR.

Keep in mind- These pickups are all going to sound different depending on the guitar and amp you're using. A pickup that sounds good (or not good) in this guitar, might sound completely different in yours. The guitar used in this video has an extremely prominent midrange tone (almost to a fault). The baritone used here was rather picky! The result: a couple of the models clearly aren't a good choice for this guitar. However, a few of them compliment the tone, nicely . Which ones are your favorites?

Seymour Duncan
Full mix-

Distortion 0:06 - 1:02Full Shred 1:03 - 1:59Invader 1:59 - 2:55JB 2:56 - 3:53Alternative 8 3:54 - 4:4959/Custom Hybrid 4:52 - 5:46Custom 5:46 - 6:42Dimebucker 6:42 - 7:39EMTY Blackout 7:40 - 8:36Blackout Metal 8:36 - 9:33Blackout Standard 9:33 - 10:30Gus G 10:30 - 11:27
Guitar only (2 tracks L/R)
Distortion 11:27Full Shred 11:38Invader 11:49JB 12:00Alternative 8 12:1059/Custom 12:22Custom 12:32Dimebucker 12:43EMTY 12:54Blacout Metal 13:05Blackout STD 13:16Gus G 13:27
Strictly 7 Guitars "Cobra" Baritone 6-string. 27.5" scale, mahogany body, koa top, maple neck, ebony fretboard. Tuned drop Bb.
Rhodes Colossus H-100
Presonus Studio One Pro (v2)

Signal chain- S7 guitar - Rhodes Amp - Randall ISOcab - SM57 - Profire 610 - Presonus S1 Pro (guitars are high and low passed).

Seymour Duncan 6-String Bridge Pickups, 12 Model Comparison, Metal Rhythm