Paul Gilbert: Artistworks guitar lessons open and with free lesson samples!

Paul Gilbert:
Hello Guitar Enthusiast,
Wouldn't it be great to stop playing the same thing over and over again and finally become the guitar player you always wanted to be?

Now you can — online at your own pace — with personalized feedback from player/teacher extraordinaire, Paul Gilbert.

For the first time, Paul breaks down his entire approach to guitar — in order — for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. You get hundreds of streaming lessons. When you get stuck or want advice, fire up your webcam, iPhone, iPad — you name it — and show Paul what you’re doing.

Then sit back and get personalized feedback, designed to take your playing to the next level.

You’ll also see all of Paul’s interactions with fellow students, helping your playing by letting you see what others are doing.

It’s the next generation in online learning and it’s the most effective way to become a better player. 

Sample Lessons:

Paul Gilbert made his name with Racer X, solidified it with platinum-selling Mr. Big, and reached new heights on the G3 Tour with John Petrucci and Joe Satriani.
Not a rock player? ArtistWorks Guitar Campus gives you access to the same level of instruction from solo fingerstyle master Martin Taylor, bluegrass flatpick phenom Bryan Sutton,dobro whiz Andy Hall classical master Jason Vieaux or jazz and gypsy beast Andreas Oberg.
Until now, you just couldn’t study with these guys. ArtistWorks’ revolutionary Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning platform connects you with these masters, along with a global community of artists and amateurs all dedicated to unleashing the musician inside you.
The best part is it only costs $30 per month or less, depending on the length of your subscription! That’s less than the cost of a lesson from the guy down the street!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Join today, risk free, and see why thousands of musicians around the globe are taking their playing to the next level with ArtistWorks.