Steve Morse, Randy Rhoads,Guthrie Govan: iGuitar Issue 9

Steve Morse, Randy Rhoads, & Guthrie Govan features Plus Win a Guitar & Pedal worth over £2000 - inside iGuitar Issue 9- Out Now!

Guthrie demonstrates the latest Vigier Fretless!

Orange - Jim Root Signature #4 Valve/Tube Head & Cab

Musicman - Steve Morse Y2D Guitar

Engl - Powerball Valve/Tube Head

TC Electronic - Flashback Pedal

Peavey - Delta Blues 15 Combo

Morley - Steve Vai 2 and Classic Wahs

Digitech - iStomp FX Pedal

Yamaha - Pacifica 311 & 611 Solid Bodies

Michael Angelo Batio -Concludes his exclusive iGuitar series

Jamie Humphries- The Rhythm Method Part 9

Rick Graham - extending your chord vocabulary

Tom Quayle - Using Modes to Expand our Chord Voicings - pt. 4

Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts: how to be a Pro guitarist Part 9 - The Feel Factor.

Andy James - How to play fast.

Stuart Bull - Hybrid picking continued