Tom Quayle: May Day.. time for some free help with that tricky II-V-I Progression

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This lesson is on enhancing basic II-V-I progressions using a more 'fusionistic' approach. It's very simple and uses nothing but major scale harmony so no scary melodic minor scales/chord required. This is a great way of making your II-V-I's sound more modern and fusion!
Hope you enjoy!

May 2012 Free Lesson - Enhancing II-V-I Progressions (Fusion Style)

Playing starts (Tap Mode) - 2:46Waveforms - 9:15Knob Mode - 13:17Stages & Resonance Switches - 17:55Auto Mode (Sub-modes 1-6) - 22:20Sub-mode 7 (Rhythmic Phasing) - 37:44Control Port - 45:30
This is an extensive demo of the incredible 'Empress Phaser' pedal from Empress Effects - Canada. This is an amazing pedal that requires a lengthy demo to outline all of the features so apologies for the length but it's worth it to see how great the sounds are from this thing. I go through all of the available features of the pedal and give sound clips of each mode. Here's the details from the Empress Effects website: -
'Redefining the phaser effect from the ground up, Empress Effects has created a phaser pedal unlike anything else on the market. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser Pedal offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose between 2 stage, 4 stage or an Empress exclusive 3 stage mode; all controllable via tap tempo sweeping through an impressive set of 8 waveforms.
The Empress Phaser Pedal is the next generation in the evolution of digitally-controlled analog technology. It features an all-analog signal path but is controlled by a microprocessor, allowing it to maintain all its character and analog flavor while adding a ton of possibilities for control and adaptability. Sure, it does the classic jet sounds, super funky auto-wah and ring modulators, as well as having vibrato and Univibe sounds on tap. But what really sets the Empress Phaser Pedal apart are the auto modes: envelope following, audio-triggered sweeps, rhythms and direct control are just a few of the settings found on the Empress Phaser Pedal.

It also offers unsurpassed connectivity by featuring expression pedal control as well as accepting control voltage, external tap, external audio control and MIDI. All of this comes in a rock solid die cast aluminum enclosure with true bypass keeping things clean.'
Check out the rest of their range at http://www.empresseffects.comFor lessons with me and information about my playing go to

Empress Effects Phaser - Extensive Demo - Tom Quayle