DelgiftC08: Stereotypes

Here's another short instrumental with a few time signatures in it for you. A great tune to play after you figure out what works and what doesn't. There's a lot of temptation to play many drum fills here - and a few years ago I would have done so. Now I'm content to just groove a bit more and give C room to play. The two choruses with the upbeat feel are little traps that would catch a lot of drummers "overplaying" and completely losing the "airborne feel" of the chorus. I don't even crash on the first chorus, I wait until the second. Thanks to C for the invitation to play on this project. Tough little tune. I'm sure I threw out 90% of the stuff I tried on this one. ;)

C = guitar, bass & video editing: Collab Covers). (Original Compositions)

Tom Geisler = drums & audio mixing:

Stereotypes - written by C. Performed by C and Tom Geisler