Franck Ribiere, Marcel Coenen: Guitar Addiction

Franck Ribiere, aka Franck Karmattitude, note that the instrumental song for the 1st anniversary of the "Guitar Addiction" album is on production!

It was impossible to guest all the 60 musicians, and it has been really hard to make some choices.. sorry for those who are not included this time, i'm sure it will be on a next one.

Rythm section is Enrico Galetta on bass, Atma Anur on drums.
Guitar leads by alphabetical order:
Charly Sahona
Cyril Achard
Fabrizio Bicio Leo
Jean Fontanille
Joop Wolters
Karl Kb
Marcel Coenen
Mika Tyyskä
Theodore Ziras
Victor Lafuente

I've composed and recorded all rythm & melodic guitars.

An other good point is that it will be available on Youtube with live performances included !! it should be out around 21st of june 2011.

Dutch shred-guitarist Marcel Coenen recorded a solo for French guitarist/composer Frank Karmatitude, Tonality is D-Major, check it out !
More information about Marcel can be found on his website:

Marcel Coenen

One of the finest albums in 2011, and one of the best this decade is still available.

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