Michael Angelo Batio, Michael Manring,Florent Atem: Nucler Blues 2009

Bass virtuoso Michael Manring, Grammy-nominated guitarist Florent Atem and keybordist Carole Atem performing the "Nuclear Blues" with Michael Angelo Batio during his second Tahiti concert on Friday, April 24th, 2009. Organized by "Musiques du Fenua et d'Ailleurs", a Tahiti-based association (formerly known as the A.P.E.A.TA.E.) which aims at promoting musical exchanges between artists from Tahiti and from abroad, the Tahiti 2009 concert was the follow-up to Michael Angelo Batio's first Tahiti performance the year before and the first time he and Michael Manring ever performed together. Additional information available at www.mfatahiti.com © 2009 Musiques du Fenua et d'Ailleurs. All rights reserved.

Michael Angelo Batio, Michael Manring, Florent Atem, Carole Atem - "Nuclear Blues" (Tahiti 2009)