Paul Wardingham: Lick Of The Week 3

Paul Wardingham: Lick Of The Week 3 is now up on the website. Lick Of The Week 3: Attack Of The Necromongers 5:29 - 5:35

This lick is virtually identical to the one I play in the 'Attack Of The Necromongers' solo from the album 'Interactive' I did with Grant Collins released back in 2006, and demonstrates a tapping technique that I use all the time, a kind of '7 finger tapping' if you will, as I still hold the pick. (Although I almost never use all 7 fingers in one go so I just call it Legato Tapping.) The lick uses a four-note-per-string B minor pentatonic pattern until the end where I add in the 2nd (C#). For the right hand tapping, I use the 2nd and 4th fingers of the right hand for the pentatonic part, but you could use the 'Spock Technique' (2nd & 3rd fingers) if it feels better. I've chosen to notate most of the lick in groups of 7 as it makes it easier to understand, as the original solo is being played over different time signatures. Some of you might recognise that I play a very similar lick at the end of 'Enter The Metaverse'. PW