Scott Stine,Eddie Head,Derek Taylor: Hajis Kitchen 1996 and clinic jam

This is the first portion of a 60 minute guitar clinic Hajis Kitchen guitarists, Scott Stine and Eddie Head did promoting the then new line of Ibanez 7 String guitars. This was around 1996 I think at the Guitar Center in Dallas Texas
. Unfortunately the DVD I have this on is scratched and this was the only part I could salvage. Hopefully I can get it repaired and upload the rest.

They demonstrate various styles of music that can be played on the 7 string, from Shred, metal, Country to Jazz.

Andy Timmons was also in attendance of who they make reference before doing the Jazz example.

Hajis Kitchen - Scott Stine & Eddie Head Ibanez 7 String clinic Guitar Center

Derek Taylor and Scott Stine shredding