Cameron Allen: Between The Lines the CD

Cameron Allen

"Cameron showed an interested in music before he was 3 years old, and he has grown up playing a variety of styles, primarily on guitar.  His current solo release, Between The Lines, is a concept he began developing during his time as a student at Atlanta Institute of Music.  He premiered the music one weekend last fall by opening a show for Mörglbl and at the 2011 Prog Day Pre-show, though the full album release was only just made available via CD Baby."

Cameron Allen: Between The Lines

Cameron Allen: Between The Lines

1. Jacknife On a Hairpin 5:50
2. Sirocco 6:22
3. The Loft 5:45
4. Three Hundred Miles 6:09
5. Standing Room 5:37
6. Run Between the Lines By Night 5:12
7. Snake Eyes 6:41

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