Gianluca Ferro: accordo interview

What do you think are the most original aspects of this work of yours?
I think that is an original approach that explore a single topic, but I try to make a very broad overview on the latest styles and progressive metal, then I tried to make this music as much as possible by including some video clips (in one there Guest of Ralph Salati Destrage); last songs and exercises are assembled into small pieces with 'intent to make them more fun! 4) It is striking that you devote to the details is that the tapping alternate picking: Technical far between ... In the first phase of my life I've been a guitar plettratore: I was a fan of Petrucci! Then I approached Allan Holdswoth and tied, but the tapping was always a natural solution for me. So both alternating tapping are part of my luggage. Although the artistic point of view are more solutions "fluidose"!