Kenny Serane: announces new album Rainbowmaker


Track 01 : TOMATO  A Jazz Fusion puree and a pinch of Soul
Track 02 : PAPAYAWHIP When the papaya meets the metal
Track 03 : MISTYROSE  or The ballad sprinkled with harmonies which lengthen languishingly...
Track 04 : PEACHPUFF and makes Daddy grooves
Track 05 : MINTCREAM to bring your college fiancé on the lake
Track 06 : HONEYDEW stages a warm solo, where the Andalusian dust swirls under feet...
Track 07 : CORAL a spanish atmosphere "Love Boat", where a perspiring solo gets involved in flamenco notes...
Track 08 : GOLDENROD Mystère d'une scène de Strip Tease à SouthLake City
Track 09 : SONG FOR NELLY  In Hawaï and only at the "Moonlight",  i play this cover for my Queen.
Track 10 : MIDNIGHTBLUE  Arpeggios 've got the blues in bleu Minuit.
Track 11 : FIREBRICK Fusion rockify a little bit nasty to throw in the  pond.
Track 12 : ORCHID  The most beautiful flower of the album, lightly melancholia.
Track 13 : FRENCH GUITAR CONTEST THEME  An old Youtube friend, who love play with buddies around a backing track.

Kenny Serane: Rainbowmaker
Welcome to the universe of the new Album            

A musical epic and guitaristic, composed by Kenny Serane.

This 13 tracks album  transports us beyond various musical waves : of the jazz fusion in the progressive rock, by burning under flamenco notes, all the harmonious colors are linked under the fingers of Rainbowmaker.

The electric guitar is a little special effects folk guitar and just like Georges Méliès was able to do in the movies, Kenny Serane invits you to travel not into the moon, but across many musical styles with one or multiple effects where the electric guitar is the Queen.

This album is now available digitally, in exclusivity on this website, and from july 20th 2012 on theses websites:  Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Amazonmp3, Virginmega,  Emusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Beezic, Simfy, VodaphoneLive!, OVI Nokia, SFR, Orange, Sony Ericsson, Tesco,, Juno Download, Zvooq, Youtube et Telenor.

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