News: Truth In Shredding looking forward to a happy Christmas

Truth In Shredding continues to grow and gain interest from guitar fans all over the world. With over 3 million page views and almost 1.8 million visits Truth In Shredding is not sitting back... we're out there looking for new players, getting new interviews, shooting more video and taking more photos. Coming soon, a trip to NAMM and lots of goodies from the most well know music show on earth. All for fans of guitar... 

At this rate I estimate we'll make 2 million visitors near 25th December 2012  

As David would say

Big things have small beginnings. 

Stay with us and don't touch that dial!


Total 1,780,940
Average Per Day 1,275
Average Visit Length 2:16
Last Hour 59
Today 1,035
This Week 8,923


Total 3,124,895
Average Per Day 2,647
Average Per Visit 2.1
Last Hour 124
Today 2,178
This Week 18,532