Santiago Dobles,Tony Choy: Synkronizity - Cultivation new CD

1. Intent 4:54
2. The Follower 3:58
3. Tight Rope 4:30
4. Moment Of Confusion 4:58
5. Best I Am 4:02
6. Latin Breeze 3:21
7. Synchronicity

There is a new force of brutality that is currently brewing in Miami, FL that have worked feverishly to carve out their own unique niche within the metal scene and are soon ready to annihilate the masses worldwide. This group is SYNKRONIZITY who is led by acclaimed bassist Tony Choy (ex-Cynic, Atheist, Pestilence) and will soon deliver one of the most scathing debut albums the metal genre has yet to bear witness to in years, adhering to no preconceived notions and refusing to be pigeonholed into any specific genre. The group is rounded out by drumming sensation Matt Thompson (King Diamond) and guitar virtuoso Santiago Dobles (Aghora). The juxtaposition of each member's talents creates an explosive, yet exciting result that is sure to keep the entire scene on their toes and wondering just what is coming next.

SYNKRONIZITY is a band where quality of musicianship and experience allows them members deliver a metal sound that is classic, yet new and innovative. It is definitely technical, but does so without losing the essence of the song. This is Progressive Rock fused with Latin Jazz to ultimately create a solid mix of powerful and ballsy death metal. Choy is one of the finest songwriters in the pop industry. Choy together with Dobles have allowed magic to come together and flow through their instruments as they composed this new material. This is a powerhouse band where each member on their own is a tremendous resource of experience and musical talent. Thompson brings precision timing and power behind his drumkit. He is an intuitive player who is full of groove and chops. Dobles is a progressive metal pioneer of the seven string guitar and delivers some of the best guitar work he has done yet to date. Also, the band has Arbise "motif" Gonzales on keyboards. He brings to the table years of experience in the Pop world as a keyboardist and programmer. This project is the future of extreme metal and you haven't ever heard anything quite like it. Last but not least the amazing vocal power and extremely catchy melodies of vocalist Grant Petty who jelled together perfectly with the rest of the band . This project is the future of extreme metal and you haven't ever heard anything quite like it.

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