Alex Hutchings: The Waghorn AH6

Alex Hutchings: The Waghorn AH6
Waghorn Guitars is in the process of producing a guitar for Jazz/Fusion guitarist Alex Hutchings.

Alex's mission to find the perfect balance of geometry, hardware and aesthetics to suit his style has seen him very much involved in the design and testing process over the last 6 months that has brought the guitar to it's current incarnation.

Neck-through construction allows unparralleled access to the short scale 26 fret fingerboard, while careful strap button placement ensures that the AH6 naturally sits in the classical position whether sitting or standing. Over the coming months Alex will be also testing different brands and models of pickup to find the right set for his needs. The prototype is currently loaded with a Bare Knuckle Abraxas (bridge) and Emerald (neck) set, as well as the Roland GK3 midi pickup system.

The Waghorn AH6
At this moment in time this is only a one-off instrument for Alex, however, there are plans for expanding the project in the future - watch this space for details.

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