Atma Anur,Calin Grigoriu: Jamparalele de la Macin - great jam session

The last song of the evening with Atma and Calin... jamming with many great Romanian musicians in Bucharest @Big Mamou. This is an improvisation based on a Romanian folk piece in 7/8. The whole evening was an unrehearsed jam session...

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Jamparalele de la Macin (An Improvisation)

Clip of a slow song from the second set of the gig/jam session @ Big Mamou in Bucharest, featuring Atma, Calin and many great guest players from Romania... the entire evening was an unrehearsed improvisation.

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Slow blues jam (Jeff Beck)