Atma Anur,Calin Grigoriu: Off The Dome blue fusion

This is a clip of the very first 11 minutes of music played by these 3 musicians... Ever! Live at the Atma Anur @Big Mamou jam session... of improvisation only... Bucharest, Romania. Featuring Calin Grigoriu, Atma and many Romanian guest players! Look out for some studio recordings and some touring in 2013!!

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Off The Dome (Fusion/Blues)

Another clip from the Romanian Jams series featuring Atma and guitarist Calin Grigoriu. This one is a tribute to a popular Bay Area vibe from the late 80s and early 90s... funky ethnic fusion the Atma way. The show was held at Bucharest's Big Mamou and was an evening of improvisation with no rehearsal, or even discussion about any of the music played...

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Funk/Fusion Jam (80s/90s style)