Jeff Kollman: learn from one of the best in the business

Jeff Kollman 'Guitar Screams' online lesson videos

Guitar Screams Lesson series by JEFF KOLLMAN available to order NOW.

Guitarist Jeff Kollman has filmed multiple lessons in High Def breaking down his technique, style and practice habits. It's as if you are sitting one on one with Jeff. Series 1 (November 2011) is available NOW!. This includes 8 videos discussing topics like Kollman's drop C.G tuning with samples from his Cosmosquad tunes. The use of altered scales, pick and finger technique, chordal movement, shred li
cks, speed and fluidity, phrasing, development of solo and MORE.
Here’s How It Works! Each Series is $49.00

With your purchase, you will have access to all 8 videos that were released in the series.

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