Michael Harris,Darin Moore: special live date announced

Michael Harris
I'm pumped to share the stage with my bandmates Jeff Davis, Mike Neal, & Brian Harris, along with our musical brothers Engine of Chaos and Shadows in the Hourglass on Sept 1st!!!

Darin Moore

I'm pleased to announce that I will be performing a couple Iron Maiden tunes for this show w/ Engine Of Chaos...a big thanks to those guys for the invite!! Should be a real treat to not only play with EOC, but my friend & former teacher Michael Harris as well as former Human Paradox bassist, Zack Ryan's 
new project, Shadows In The Hourglass...hope to see ya there Sept. 1 at McGuffy's!!!

Michael starts out with a mass of hybrid picking shred, then Michael, Brian Harris, and bassist Randy Gaines play "Brainwarp" on the 1st Virtuosity tour in 2009

Michael Harris "Ocean Blues"