Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Steve Morse: VIP Flying Colors' 2012 European tour packages


The VIP packages for Flying Colors' 2012 European tour are now available! The meet and greet will take place before the show, so fans won't need to stay late. We worked to create a special experience for you guys, and as part of that, we limited the number of spaces. A maximum of 40 tickets will be available for each show.

These packages are not concert tickets; you still need a regular ticket to the show. (That's why we use the term "package" instead of "ticket.") We do these packages ourselves, and they are personally administered at the shows by our executive producer. All the funds go to hungry musicians and our team.

Meet and Greet with the Band, Before the Show

Say hello to each of the guys, ask that burning question and get stuff autographed, test Mike's knowledge of any show he's ever played, and enjoy Steve's delightful anecdotes about the time he never went to Finland. Does Dave's hair really look that good in-person? (Spoiler: Yes.)

Professional Photo Taken with the Band

A real photo, not that blurry pic of your friend on Facebook with someone vaguely resembling Beck. We're talking a nice backdrop, lighting, and a camera not built into a phone. Spoiler: Dave's magnificent hair.

Early Admission to Get the Best Seats

No need to push your way to the front through a wall of sweaty hippies. (You're at the wrong show.) Start the concert out right with the best view of Steve's resplendent glory and Neal's delightful stage antics.

Exclusive VIP Laminate/Lanyard

Ideal for parties, weddings and ISS missions—the Flying Colors VIP laminate is destined to be 2013's must-have musical fashion accouterment.

Commemorative Set List

Bring home the set list for the show (including the date and venue). Printed on premium cotton-fibre paper and suitable for framing. Protected by a fearless cardboard tube.

Signed Tour Poster

Add some color to your wall with a tour poster autographed by all the guys. Protected by the same, brave cardboard tube.

Exclusive Flying Colors Guitar and Bass Picks by Ernie Ball

Want to sound just like Steve and Dave? Start with these exclusive picks (not available for sale). After that, you're on your own.

Flying Colors 2012 Tour Shirt

Your choice of smooth cream or classic black. We spent a little more to get the highest-quality shirts: handsome, durable and colorfast. Just like our music.