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What is This site is a resource for every rocker/metalhead, where you can learn how to rock your guitar, produce music, headbang, get fans, make strange faces when playing the guitar on stage, and many other important topics.

Live coverage: Main feature of is Live Video Chat which is completely free, and if you register on the site, you will be able to participate with text in real time. Using the best world streaming platform - UStream, we ensure hi quality and stable streaming sessions. All the content from video chats will be available for FREE in the live chat video archive on the site, so you can always follow up video chats that you missed.

Premium content: In addition to live chat recorded sessions, in-depth coverage of video chat topics is available with premium lessons. These feature HQ videos, backing tracks, GP files, PDF files, and other content. This content will be available through pay-per-lesson system, offering ultra-affordable content.

Software-series live chat programs: Besides guitar lessons, we will offer various software courses, including all major music software tutorials. There will be coverage of tutorials in composing, arranging, mixing and mastering as well. Stay tuned for announcements in the news section of the site!

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