News: Sibelius Fest 2012, Venezuela's premier guitar show and competition

The first Saturday of September the Sibelius Fest 2012 Venezuela will end at the Theatre Historical Chacao, located in the city of Caracas.


·       2PM to 6PM Clinic Juan Pablo Lobos + Finalists - 50Bsf
·       7PM to 10PM Mojo Pojo (Christening 2nd disc) + Dream Theater tribute to Sibelius, Paul Gilbert, Iron Maiden, Mr. Big, Rage Against The Machine, Slash, Guns N 'Roses, Van Halen and Sibelius's favorite subjects - 60Bsf
·       Full day (2PM to 10PM) - 70Bsf
Tickets through Ticket anywhere in the World (Toulon, and Sambil CCCT), and the theater box office.

Sibelius Fest and jurors again congratulate the finalists (Alejandro Del Pozo, Michel Fernandez, Sony Velasquez, Johanns Steiner, Oswaldo Gomez, Jorge Fajardo) and wish them the best of success for that day!

Sibelius Fest Team.