Samantha Fish: Runaway new album details

The album's nine original songs and pair of covers incorporate "all the sounds I grew up with, with my own spin," says Fish, who seems to have spent her formative years in the Midwest soaking up a vast array of musical styles. Runaway features sharp-edged, riff-driven blues ("Down in the Swamp"), breakneck boogies ("Runaway"), smoky, late-night jazz ("Feeling Alright") as well as hints of the sultry 70s hard rock of Ann and Nancy Wilson and the 4/4 ruggedness of the Rolling Stones. Throughout, Fish demonstrates astonishing range and depth as a songwriter. Her vocals are cool, confident and nothing less than beguiling.

  • Down In The Swamp
  • Runaway
  • Today's My Day
  • Money to Burn
  • Leavin' Kind
  • Otherside Of The Bottle
  • Soft And Slow
  • Push Comes To Shove
  • Louisiana Rain
  • Feelin' Alright

SAMANTHA FISH "Drinking Muddy Water" 4/22/12