Sarah Longfield: is Sarah the hottest female techical guitarist on the planet right now?

Hey guys! Figured I would do a rings of saturn cover! I actually recorded this one DI (hoping to improve the quality of the sound haha) and then forgot to record a video, so the audio and video are separate xD but you get the idea, hope you enjoy! :D

Rings Of Saturn - Invasion Intro Cover by Sarah Longfield

We're are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest players and this means everyone... we are not invaluable, so if you know any female players that have better chops than Sarah Longfield we want to know!!


  1. Not cute at all.

  2. Her music is masterful!!...she becomes one with her guitar....on top of that she writes her own music,mixes and records it....and she plays multiple other instruments and sings...and she is an intelligent, well spoken person who appreciates all types of music.....truly amazing person...and she is not even 21 years of is an international sensation and yet she is a down to earth soul.


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