Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush Tour starts with strings and bootleggers get lawsuit

RUSH has filed a lawsuit to get a judge's order that it can use to direct federal marshals, and authorize local and state police and agents hired by the company to seize bootleg T-shirts and similar items during the band's U.S. tour.

The lawsuit, filed by Ontario, Canada-based Showtech Merchandising Inc: "gotten probably 250 or 300 of these types of orders" on behalf of entertainment acts. "These days bands make more money from merchandise than from concert tickets,"

RUSH kicked off their "Clockwork Angels" world tour last night (Friday, September 7) at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The setlist for last night's concert:

Set One

01. Subdivisions
02. The Big Money
03. Force Ten
04. Grand Designs
05. The Body Electric
06. Territories
07. The Analog Kid
08. Bravado
09. Where's My Thing?
10. Far Cry

Set Two (with string section)

11. Caravan
12. Clockwork Angels
13. The Anarchist
14. Carnies
15. The Wreckers
16. Headlong Flight
17. Halo Effect
18. Wish Them Well
19. The Garden
20. Manhattan Project
21. Red Sector A
22. YYZ
23. Working Man


24. Tom Sawyer
25. The Spirit of Radio

Rush - CA Tour Manchester The Garden