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Urban Apes - a Jazz Rock tune off the EQ album 'To Speak'. Available on iTunes, Vorticity Music, Abstract Logix and Audiophile Imports.
This performance was recorded on Australian TV show 'Guitar Gods and Master Pieces' Typo on the credit text :)
For anyone interested in the tune:
The tune modulates between time signatures.
The intro is in 13 ( or 5/4, 5/4 3/4)
A section is in 9/4 (or 3/4 X 3)
The B section in 6/4
Basic one mic, one take recording at channel 31 with:
Gretsch Sparkle Jet with a Foxrox Zim Drive overdrive pedal through an 80's Fender Super Champ with a 10" speaker

Urban Apes - Chris Bieniek - off the EQ Album ' To Speak'

Altona East - by Chris Bieniek

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Chris Bieniek: To Speak

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