Christophe Godin: demos Ernie Ball Cobalt

Presentation and test revolutionary Cobalt strings created by Ernie Ball. ropes to Cobalt are fast becoming the new standard and raise the quality of the strings for guitar and bass at a higher level in terms of clarity, output level and duration time. Oyez Oyez dear surfers! Christophe Godin is back for new adventures. Rediscover the zaniest in a video than ever and try to win a set of Ernie Ball strings Cobalt in the questionnaire below: 1 / What is the slogan that we use for pubs Cobalt - Slinky Coblat simply the best strings in the world - More sound, more dynamic, more expressive! - When you understand, you understand 2 / What spider is linked Cobalt? 3 / What is the name of the little son Ernie that is often found in the kitchen? 4 / What is the nickname of the guitar that Christopher uses in the video? BONUS QUESTION: What is the relationship between Ernie Ball and Robin Hood? (If the first 4 answers are correct, the bonus question will earn one extra set of strings Cobalt!) The first ten correct answers will win a set of strings of Cobalt pulling their choice! Send your answers to Jacques @ htd . fr

Note if your French isn't up to much... wind forward to 2 minutes in to get the sound demos.

Christophe Godin dingo of Ernie Ball Cobalt