Dave Weiner : Tone King Monster backstage Interview

FULL INDEX BELOW: READ ME! ~ Over 40 minutes of Gear Porn! Meet Dave Weiner. SMART dude, AMAZING player, HELLUVA nice guy!! Much, Much thanks or making the time!

In Detail ... below is what we covered. And, just to note ... I put an index, to help you fully understand how much ground we covered -- not necessarily to fast forward. IF YOU LOVE GEAR, and have aspirations of doing things with your musical career ... you should watch the full interview!

Index is as follows:
- Intro 00:10
- PRS Guitars 05:17
- Amps & Effects 16:32
- Outro 33:04
- Sound Sample from his new CD (A Collection of Short Stories) 39:45

Intro Topics:
- DW on YouTube
- DW on Riff of the Week
- DW on Shoot-outs
- DW on Maxon
- DW on how to shop for gear! Use your ears!

Amps & Effects Topics:
- Dave Friedman BE100
- PRS 2 Channel H

In the rack:
- axe fxII
- rjm rack gizmo
- wampler, tube screamer, RC Booster
- way huge pork loin overdrive
- zen drive
- Maxon Vintage Overdrive Pro VOP9
- RC Booster
- Wampler Ego Compressor
- EP Booster
- Keeley Reissue TS
- G-Lab Power
- JH Audio In Ear Monitors

Pedalboard (on the floor, front of stage):
- Bradshaw RS10 Custom Audio Electronics
- Mission Engineering Wah Pedal
- Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VP Jr.
- Peterson Stomp Classic Strobe Tuners
- Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor
- Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb
- Lava Cable
- Red Bear & Blue Chip Guitar Picks

Outro Topics:
- Visible @ Night (Trio in Philly)
- Improv
- Steve Vai Band
- Dave Weiner Solo Band - Collection of Short Stories
- Buy here: http://www.daveweiner.com/store/
- 2 solo electrics records out
- Available on iTunes, CDBaby, etc.
- private web cam lessons
- riff of the week
- visible @ night - fusion in Philly
- online session work

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